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3. YouTube Ads Campaign

Product Description

YouTube Ads Campaign  



How it works:

Over the years we have promoted many YouTube videos, we are able to provide a ton of traffic by targeting the proper audiences for the content being promoted. Once you place your order we will watch your video and decide what audiences to target. We will run ads on your song/video and monitor the activity to see which audiences are engaging. We will use that information to retarget with and reach more similar fans. 

What To Expect 

1 Month Campaign:

Estimated reach: No one can predict how many exact views you will get but we can guarantee with the one month campaign we have seen artist get anywhere from 10k views to a 100k on average. The more engagement the song receives the more it will grow organically even when the ads are done running. So your song/video can keep growing even when the ads are done running. This all depends on how well your song is received by the target audience. 

2 month campaign: 

Estimated reach 20k to 100k views plus engagement. 

3 month campaign: 

Estimated Reach 40k to 300k views plus engagement. 

YouTube Gold: 

Estimated Reach 150k to 500k (Many Artists have reached millions of views with this campaign) 

HOW WE MARKET: Once you place your order we will reach out to you with an email to get started. We will review your song/video then start promoting it to potential target audiences. We will find fans that watch/listen to similar content and suggest your songs/videos to them. We will also find other creators/musicians who have already done what you’re trying to do and put your content in front of their fans. We will be using Google Ads to achieve this. 

 What We Need To Get Started.

  1. Your YouTube link
  2. Artist bio 
  3. Artist Pictures