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Product Description

Instagram Campaign

Whether your Instagram is based around your music or business this service will help you reach your intended audience. This campaign focuses on putting your Instagram content in front of fans who are most likely to engage in it. We will also monitor the data from the campaign to see who those fans are so we can retarget to more of them and get more engagement. We will also save all the data from this campaign to use it in future campaigns. 

How It Works 

Once you make the payment we will contact you via email to get started. We will need access to your ads manager on Meta/Facebook to run the ads directly from your Instagram profile. You will need to post the content you want to promote on your profile first and then we will start the process. 

What To Expect

With this campaign your content will be put in front of 10s of thousands to 100s of thousands of fans. You will see Likes, Comments, and followers. More fans will follow you if they enjoy your content. We will put your content in front of audiences most likely to engage in your content and follow you. 

HOW WE MARKET: We will start out by reviewing your profile and content to identify potential audiences for your profile. Then we will start out by running the ads and putting the content in front of those fans to see who engages in the content. We will also look for profiles similar to yours that already have established an audience with content similar to yours and we will target their followers. We will be using Meta/Facebook ads manager to run the ads directly on your Instagram account. 

Delivery: Starts within 1 to 3 days of purchase. 


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