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6. 2 Month Youtube Campaign

Product Description

2 Month YouTube Campaign  



How it works:

Over the years we have promoted many YouTube videos, we are able to provide a ton of traffic by targeting the proper audiences for the content being promoted. Once you place your order, we will watch your video and decide what audience to target for it. If you want a specific audience targeted, we can also do that for you, for example if you think you share a similar audience with a well-known musician, we can target that musician's audience for you. 

What can you expect:

Estimated views reached will be in the 10s of thousands to 100k plus. No one can predict how many exact views you get but we can guarantee with this package we have seen artist get anywhere from 50k views to a few million views. You can obviously get more as showing in the examples below. It's possible the audience we target falls in love with your music and they blow it up to millions of views. 



 The duration of this service is 2 months. There will be multiple retargeting campaigns involved if needed. 


HOW WE MARKET: Once you place your order, we will reach out to you with an email to get started. We will review your song/video then start marketing it by targeting an audience, suggesting it to fans who may be interested in your content, and getting you to trend within your niche genre on YouTube. This is the same way famous artist/entertainers get their content pushed out to the world. This causes your video to appear in YouTube user's stream/feed.