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Supreme Starter Package

Product Description


  • Spotify Marketing (RETURNS with royalties) 
  • Premium Spotify streams, you will get paid for each stream you receive. 
  • Soundcloud Marketing (Thousands of plays, with engagement such as likes, comments, follows, etc. 
  • Targeted Audience of any choice (or we can target any musicians fans, so if you think you sound like "J Cole" We can get everyone who listens to his music to listen to yours!
  • Positive and negative feedback should be expected
  • Personalized plan for your success (we can design an marketing strategy for you after this package once we see where you stand, we will help you find interviews and PAID shows/tours once we accumulate the hype/buzz.
  • Fans will add you to their playlists also helping you get more stream.
  • Fans will follow your Spotify profile as they please, we will target music fans within your genre so engagement is high.



What Makes this package special and how does it work?

The number one issue most artist face today before marketing their music is identifying who their target audience is. There is no way you can be successful marketing your music without identifying who is most interactive with your content. 


Every time we market we target demographics/audiences of your choice and as we promote we can watch and see who interacts the most to your songs using data from the results. Once we find out who your audience is we can target larger groups of potential fans. 


This is important because most musicians/producers who pay promoters for marketing don't realize most times your music falls on deaf ears. Building a true audience takes a lot more than buying inflated stats from random promoters who don't even listen to your music before they promote it. We will make sure we listen to the songs/album being promoted FIRST so we can get a better understanding of the content and who it should be promoted to. 


Once you order you will receive ORDER CONFIRMATION by email, please send us your links, bios, and pics. Please include 3 artist you think you sound like. If you prefer giving us an audience you want to also try to target please send that info as well. 



Guaranteed :

.✔ Spread Your Content to thousands of targeted fans who will engage in your music by streaming, liking, commenting, following, etc... 
.✔You will receive streams/plays within weeks...  (Expect positive and negative feedback from fans, there will always be a mixed reaction).
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Send us following after order.
  • Links to Music Profiles & Social Media Profiles. 
  • Images
  • BIO 

DELIVERY: Package starts within 1 to 7 days of order (Usually requires time to target audience before actual marketing starts) the package duration is a Month(s). Once we are done promoting and package ends, the results can still grow on its own because fans can chose to keep sharing you on their own especially if they enjoy your music.