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Promogod_33 on 7 Ways To Promote

Promogod_33 on 7 Ways To Promote

Ways to Promote Your Music FREE 

Ok so you set up your SoundCloud or Youtube page, put out a body of work and now your telling all your friends on social media that you have the best track "EVER"

But, no one seems to be paying attention to your music... Is this because you aren't any good? or because the over saturation of the music game has made it that self promoting on FB, Twitter, etc... is no longer the way to make your self stand out!

Anybody with a laptop can just hop on the music train and put out something online. This is the gift and curse of the music game.

Its really easy to say you want to be a rapper but it is actually very difficult to be one... 

Most artist look around in the industry and see all these "wack artist" making it big and you wonder to yourself what it takes to make it big?? 

Its a great day for you... here are some ways you can assure your self an higher percentage of success..









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Everyone who is your friend usually tells you your "dope" "Fire" etc.. etc.. but you will not get far if you keep the fakes around who aren't giving you honest criticism. 

You need real feedback! Its totally fine to get feedback you don't want to hear...Please don't be that artist that thinks everyone is hating on him/her. IF everyone keeps saying the same thing about your music then its probably true...

Good music is the first step to getting heard. Don't overlook that.



You noticed everyone who is pursuing a music career does the same thing? release a song and spam? well that won't get you a career and that doesn't differentiate you! 

I one day dream of a world when people realize something they are doing isn't working... I see the same guys on my FB post the same links over the years and I'm thinking to my self where has that got them?

If I had a dollar for every time someone told me, "My name rings bells in the streets I got that heat" then I send me your links, I check that they only got 5 followers on soundcloud..  

Most artist are too hard headed to give advice, the ones that listen make it far.

If every artist is simply posting on social media, and none of them are making any progress, what on earth makes someone think they'll have different success?



Research! lLook at recent success stories and see what those artist did, depending on the time/era mimicking that can work... 

Everyone is different but its ok to copy someones successful plan and apply to yours its a copy cat league..


Its more like think like successful artist, but you don't have to copy them... 



Ever heard of SMM? Social media marketing and SEO

Probably not too much. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is about optimizing your website to rank for certain keywords that people type in.

Once your site ranks higher on google, you get more traffic to your music, blog, album release, etc.


Because they aren't even smart enough to know what it is...

This may sound harsh, but don't be another stupid artist. "There are already enough people who don't take the time to educate themselves on advanced music marketing techniques, and it shows by their lack of income."



Send your links to promoters, if they like your music they may work with you and get you some shows possibly. Promoters do charge however the right promoter can do magic for your music..



This is the worst topic to bring up, no one has to admit they need to invest...

There is millions of other people doing what you are, if they are investing in professional quality videos, beats, mixing etc... they WILL WIN... 


No matter how good you are, you have to market your self.... investing is the key!!! if you don't invest in your self NO ONE will... 


You don't need to be that 55 year old rapper who still thinks his time will come but, you need to make moves, and watch results, document and repeat that process... 

This is a great organic growth strategy!




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