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Single/Video Campaign

Product Description



This package is for artist who want to market a single they believe can get them a lot of recognition. The package includes promotion on 3 platforms of your choice. Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud, etc... We will promote your single on 3 platforms of your choice to get the most engagement and results possible. This service also includes blog/media coverage. 



According to many online articles, our own research and case studies, this is what you need in order to gain a large amount of hits on a single. (INCLUDED IN PACKAGE)

1. Thousands of Targeted Fans within weeks! 

2. SEO and social media - Promotion on Blogs and Social Networks.

3. Video Rating (likes, dislikes, comments, subs, etc.).

4. Optimized Video Title and Description.        





The Process:

You just have to provide us with your links, bio, and pictures then we will take care of the rest. We will run ads on your video/song and send you a full report of the work done. You will receive links of blog posts, Facebook, and Google analytics once campaign ends. You will gain 10s to 100s of thousands of views or more with this service. The more people enjoy your content the more views it will get.  USE THIS IF YOU THINK YOU HAVE A HIT SONG! The duration of this package is 1 month. 



HOW WE MARKET: Once we receive payment and your link(s). We will review your song/video then start marketing it by targeting potential audiences, suggesting it to fans, and getting you to trend within your niche genre via ads/blogs. This is the same way famous artist/entertainers market their content. This trigger algorithms to work in your favor and put you across new fans daily. 



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