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Apple Music And Tidal Promotion Starter

Product Description

Apple/Tidal PROMOTION Starter pack


If you want more attention on your Apple/Tidal account this service is for you, Industry Standard marketing designed to find your ideal fan and your ideal fans demographics. All data received from this campaign will also be used for future campaigns to assure we are always targeting the right audience for your music. 


  • Apple Music streams from daily Apple Music users. 
  • Tidal streams from daily Tidal users. 
  • Fans will follow your accounts if the music is appealing to them.
  • Targeted audience to make sure engagement is high.
  • Fans will also add you to their personal playlists if they like your songs, this will help you gain more exposure (they can share their playlists with their friends/followers also). 
  • Premium streams (You will get paid for each stream you get)
  • Once Apple Music or Tidal algorithms recognizes your music is getting good traffic they will promote you using their algorithms which helps you trend faster.
  • Consistent streams within your niche genre. 



This digital marketing campaign will help you gain streams, and followers on both platforms(Apple, Tidal) Apple is the worlds biggest streaming platform now after they surpassed Spotify within 2019. Tidal on the other hand is also unique because it has millions of users and gives you back the most returns/royalties per stream. 


Accounts for musicians or any business are accepted. 

Marketing :

  • Promote your Apple/Tidal profile until you get Thousands of targeted streams/plays.
  • 90 % Visitors/Audiences/Followers are going to be interested in your tracks.
  • Earn more MONEY with new releases.
  • 80% visitors are from USA, some are from EUROPE, CANADA. (if you prefer targeting other countries we can).
  • Increase your followers and gain more fans who will engage in your future releases also. 



    HOW WE MARKET: Once we receive payment and your link(s). We will review your profile then start marketing it by targeting an audience, suggesting to people who may be interested in your content/profile. This is the same way famous artist/entertainers promote their content. This helps your profile appear in new potential fans news-feed.


    Process starts within 1 to 7 days "what we need" from you? When order is complete you will receive EMAIL confirmation asking for following info. 

    • Your LINK.
    • Your Bio or EPK (Press release) 
    • Image or logo


    Duration: 1 month (this package was designed to promote both of your accounts APPLE/TIDAL for 1 month however, depending on your content and the response it gets from the targeted audience it can last longer or results can be a lot higher than expected).  


    Results: This package guarantees new listeners, your monthly listeners will increase on the daily basis. After 30 days of marketing is over on our end, the streams can still continue to grow on their own due to the new fans sharing you and adding you to their playlists, etc... 


    Royalties: You receive royalties from your distributor look at what you receive per stream from each platform below. 



    $367.00 $1,113.00