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Youtube And Spotify Starter

Product Description

Youtube and Spotify Starter Campaign

Enhance your online presence with our Youtube and Spotify marketing campaign. Increase your reach and engagement on both platforms with our expertly crafted strategy. Don't miss out on potential fans and customers, let us help you grow today.


  • Spotify Marketing (RETURNS with royalties) 
  • Premium Spotify streams you will get paid for every stream. 
  • Youtube Marketing
  • Likes, comments, subscribers
  • Targeted Audience (We won't promote your music to random fans just to get views. We will target the proper audience to make sure the listeners convert into fans.) 
  • Positive and negative feedback should be expected
  • Fans will add you to their personal playlists and follow you as well. 



What makes this package special and how does it work?

The number one issue most artist face today when marketing their music is identifying who their target audience is. There is no way you can be successful marketing your music without identifying who is most likely to interact with your music/content. 


When we market your music, we will make sure we target the proper target audience for your music. All the data obtained will be collected throughout each campaign and used for retargeting purposes. 


Building an audience takes time, the key is to find your audience and then use the majority of your marketing budget to target more of those fans. 


Once you purchase this campaign you will receive ORDER CONFIRMATION via email. You will also receive another email asking for song links, Your Bio, and an Artist Picture. 




 Spread your music to thousands of targeted fans who will engage in your songs by streaming, liking, commenting, following, etc... 

You will receive streams/plays within weeks...  (Expect positive and negative feedback from fans, there will always be a mixed reaction).

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Have this information ready before purchase. 
  • Links to Songs and Social Media Profiles
  • Images
  • BIO 


DELIVERY: Package starts within 1 to 3 days of purchase 

DURATION: 1 month