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SoundCloud Campaign

Product Description

Soundcloud Campaign

  • Thousands of Listeners.
  • Fans will follow if the music is appealing to them.
  • Fans will like your songs/playlists. 
  • Fans will repost your content which will also help you gain exposure to their followers.
  • Fans will comment on your songs.
  • Expect negative and positive comments can't please everyone. 
  • Get recommended to similar artists audience. 




    • Targeted marketing (If there are any musicians you think you sound a like we can target their fans)
    • All marketing is responsive which means you will see people engage in the content such as positive and negative feedback. 
    • See what cities, countries, etc. your music is most popular in. 



    HOW WE MARKET: Once we receive payment and your link(s). We will review your song then start marketing it by targeting an audience, suggesting it to fans who may be interested in your content, getting you to trend within your niche genre on SoundCloud. This is the same way famous artist/entertainers get promoted. This causes your video to appear in SoundCloud user's stream/feed. 



    PROCESS: Once you order we will reach out to you to confirm the order, then we will start targeting and promoting to potential audiences.

    PROCESS: Package starts within 1 to 7 days. 

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